US Executions

A Silk Database of US death penalty executions since 1976

This site contains close to 60 types of data for all death penalty executions that have taken  place in the US since 1976. The data includes state, county and annual totals and averages as well as details on race, age and victims. All information was collected from the Death Penalty Information Center and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

How to Use This Silk: Browse the charts and maps below. Click "Explore" anywhere on the site to go into visualization and filtering mode. Search for individual pages or entities in the top search box.

* Last Update: March 2016 *

Are we past peak executions? Timeline of annual number of executions in the US since 1976

Showing total number of executions in the US per year.

US counties with highest number of executions

Per capita executions compared by race

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